Rogue Valley Archers

Updated March 22 ,2014
A little about Rogue Valley Archers
 RVA wishes to say "Thank You" to all the archers that support our club
by attending our Invitational Events each year.
Proceeds from the 2014 Invitational's will benefit:

We thank you in advance for your participation and help
that supports ARCHERY YOUTH...



Grants Pass, OR.
made up of people from all age groups and walks of life. Our club promotes archery as a wholesome family
oriented sport. RVA welcomes both archers and hunters. We welcome all types of bows with the exception
of the Cross Bow. We are affiliated with the Josephine County Sportsman Association (JCSA). We hold our
events at the Jo. Co. Sportsman Park located at: 7407 Highland Ave. Grants Pass, OR. 97526.

We offer six ranges for the pleasure of all archers. These include five outdoor ranges with varied terrain to
challenge any archer. From range#1, which is a vertically challenging course and a good representation of
the hunting experience, to the opposite end of the spectrum with range #4 which is nearly flat. Ranges #2
and #3 are a more gradual combination of both extremes. In addition, we have a great “site-in” range and a
beautiful indoor range with a distance of 20 Yards for those months of the year when the weather is
inclement. We work hard to maintain safe and enjoyable ranges for the archer / hunters that live in our

Each year RVA holds monthly shoots for the membership and also offers two Invitational Events which are
open to the public. In February-“Foul Weather Event", in April-“Spring Fling”. These events are usually held
on or around the third Sunday of the month. RVA strives to keep our events affordable for families to enjoy.
Most fees are $15.00 for Adults, $10.00 for Children under 18 Years, $5.00 for kids under 12 years and FREE
for children under 5 years.

As an organization we have an Executive Board consisting of five Executive Officers.  The minutes from our
business meetings are posted on our website for our members to view. Our club is starting it's ninth year.   
If you are interested in our club and would like additional information, please contact: